2014 07-26 Structure Fire - O'Donohue (01) dGolden Valley Fire District (GVFD) Board members backpedaled on their plan to build a new administrative building during their January 21 meeting. Board Chairman Paul Gorham said building plans he was working on were destroyed in a fire at his home last year. Gorham also said that he believed there are a variety of budgetary, economic and project priority considerations that led him to believe the district should not move forward with the the building project at this time. By consensus, the board agreed. Also by consensus, the Board supported Gorham’s proposed consideration of creating a Comptroller position. He said the person hired for that job would be in charge of accounting and budget functions while reporting daily to the Fire Chief and frequently to the Board. Gorham’s proposed use of a contract firm to handle less sophisticated tasks involving payroll and bill payment did not earn support from a Board majority. The Board will revisit the interrelationship between finance management and personnel during its meeting next month, but Gorham made it clear he is sick of repetitive and costly blunders that have occurred in that arena. “We have to take the bull by the horns and control this,”Gorham said.