A local judge has imposed a 4.5-year prison sentence for a Tempe woman convicted of stealing about a half-million dollars from a Bullhead City man. Prosecutor Jace Zack said the jury found Renee Viliborghi guilty of stealing about half the inheritance of a Bullhead City man who hired her to assist with management of his financial affairs.

“She just took half this guy’s money,” Zack said at an August 8 sentencing hearing. “She took a half-million dollars in six months.”

Viliborghi maintains her innocence and plans an appeal but Zack scoffs at her contention that she was earning the money. Some who addressed the Court pleaded for leniency, noting that Viliborghi was the matriarchical center of her friends and family members.

Viliborghi was convicted of fraud and theft. Restitution proceedings are pending.