Stop harassmentMohave County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Karin Larsen Brunson, 60, of Littlefield, Saturday (8/22) morning for harassment, a misdemeanor.  Approximately 7:00 a.m., deputies responded to a harassment report at a residence in the 900 block of Desert Wind Drive.  Upon arrival, deputies contacted a reporting party, a 59-year-old female victim.  The victim said that she has had ongoing issues for years with her next door neighbor identified as Brunson.  The victim further said that she was outside this morning gardening and Brunson started yelling and screaming at her.  The victim advised that Brunson was harassing her.  The victim further advised that Brunson was recently cited for trespassing.  The victim reported that over 10 years that Brunson would leave notes taped to her house, windows, doors and garbage cans.  Deputies contacted Brunson and she said she was in her front yard this morning attempting to speak with her neighbor.  Brunson admitted to receiving a citation recently for trespassing, but she feels that she is the victim.  Brunson also admitted to deputies telling her to not have contact with her neighbor.  Deputies questioned Brunson regarding the notes.  Brunson said that she has left notes over the 10 years and she leaves a note approximately every 6 months.   Brunson was taken into custody without incident.  She was transported and booked into the Mesquite Jail.