A Mayor’s rant against a bilingual invitation sent to him has garnered national attention. But word is, Hauchuca City Mayor Ken Taylor’s been getting positive feedback nationwide after his tirade because that letter was printed in Spanish and English. Taylor says, he’s been getting e-mails and

calls applauding his stance from Alaska, Wisconsin and Chicago, to name a few. The Mayor says, “the whole problem with this dual language business is that is causes division, causes problems”.

That bilingual invitation had to do with the U.S. /Mexico Border Mayors Association meeting August 24th. Taylor says he still refuses to attend, blasting the organization as an “open borders” group which “fundamentally undermines the whole United States.” He denies hating the Spanish language itself, but he says, if he’s being called a bigot for his stance, then “they’re calling everybody else in America a bigot for feeling the same way as I do.”

The Association’s Executive Director, John Cook, is dismayed.  He says the Association stands for addressing issues that impact both sides of the border, not speaking one language.

–Barbara Villa