unnamed (24)Lake Havasu City, AZ – A little over 7% of the 2.7 million youth scouts in the Boy Scouts of America organization receive the highest rank of Eagle Scout.  The rank of Eagle Scout is the most honored ranking any young, inspiring scout hopes to achieve.  The title means that particular individual has a high level of planning and preparation skills, is goal-oriented, and is ready to be a leader amongst his peers.  Thirteen year old Jason Casado of Havasu’s Troop 25 has demonstrated with his recent flag retirement project that he is ready to receive this rank.  “This young gentleman has shown substantial leadership skills by taking on this project,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.  “I am very proud of the work he has accomplished,” Johnson continued. The requirements for Eagle Scout include: being a Life Scout for at least six months, earning a minimum of 21 merit badges, demonstrating Scout Spirit, and demonstrating leadership in the troop, team, crew or ship.  Scouts also have to plan, develop, and lead a service project, called the Eagle Project that demonstrates both leadership and a commitment to duty.  Casado had been a member of Troop 25 since the age of 6 and has earned 49 merit badges of the 21 required.  Casado’s Eagle Project consisted of collecting and retiring old worn out U.S. flags.  “He collected nearly 700 flags that his troop retired in a flag retirement ceremony earlier this month,” Supervisor Johnson stated.  According to Johnson, the 700 flags collected well surpassed Casado’s original goal.  “A couple months back he had reached nearly 300 flags which was a major accomplishment.  When word of his project got out, the community came together and the number of flags nearly doubled,” Johnson continued.  Johnson met Casado during the November 3rd Board of Supervisors meeting.  Aside from retiring the flags, Casado also worked with the charitable organization called “Stars for Our Troops.”  Together they embroidered the stars from the donated, worn out flags onto a special message for veterans.  In honor of Veteran’s Day, Casado presented some of the stars at the November 3rd meeting during a special ceremony acknowledging the service and commitment of Mohave County employees that are Veterans of the U.S. armed forces.  “When he heard the Board was honoring the Veterans, he came to me asking if he could present the employees with the stars,” Johnson explained.  “I was honored that he asked and impressed with his eagerness to make the trip to Kingman to present them himself.  It was greatly appreciated by all in attendance,” Johnson ended.  Casado also gave out the stars to Veterans groups throughout the county.