unnamed (9)Lake Havasu City, AZ – Last April, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors approved the Mohave County Department of Public Health to be able to apply and work towards accreditation.  For any health department, receiving accreditation is a high honor.  Public health accreditation is the measurement of a health department’s performance against a set of nationally recognized, practice focused and evidence based standards.  “Being approved for this accreditation will demonstrate accountability and credibility of our Public Health Department as well as enabling Public Health to compete nationally for additional grants and resources,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.

In applying for accreditation, the County Health Department must submit documentation that shows the county has worked towards providing adequate health care over the past five years and must document what polices the countyhas put in place to ensure the public’s health and safety.  “In order to be considered for this accreditation, we had to compile documentation on everything from disease surveillance to our community health assessment to working with our Board of Health and our governing board,” Mohave County Public Health Director Patty Mead stated.  “The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) will conduct a complete review of our materials to determine that sufficient documentation has been submitted and then the county will move onto the next step of the application process,” Mead continued.

The last step in accreditation is a PHAB site visit which includes determining that the documentation submitted by the county is accurate and that there is evidence to support it.  “While the application process for accreditation is long, it has been a valuable tool for us.  The process has provided valuable feedback in regard to our strengths and areas for improvement,” Mead stated.  Mead estimates the entire application process to be complete by this time next year.