The State Health Department reports the number of abortions has gone down almost four percent. According to the annual study, that means 501 fewer abortions were conducted in 2014, compared

to the year before. D-H-S reports almost 99 percent of abortions were done for reasons other than out of medical necessity, and were carried out in a clinic.

Cathi Herrod with the pro-life center for Arizona Policy says, the reduction is the result of hard work from agencies like hers. She credits anti-abortion laws such as S-B- 1304, which established a statutory requirement to track abortions and medical complications that arise. She also says more women are simply being dissuaded from terminating pregnancies as they learn about alternatives to abortions and are presented with ultrasound views of their fetuses.

However, the D-H-S report acknowledged that independent estimates of abortion rates in Arizona are generally higher than the state’s figures. But those differences are largely based in the methodology used.

__Barbara Villa