heat waveMOHAVE COUNTY-The Excessive Heat wave warning will continue through the weekend with highs closing in near the 120 degree mark for communities under 4,000 feet.

The National Weather Service reports the high temperatures are from high pressure building over the region and will affect the majority of the Tri-state area, Death Valley National Park, Western Mojave Desert, Eastern Mojave Desert, Morongo Basino, Cadiz Basin, San Bernardino County, Upper Colorado River Valley, Northeast Clark County, Western Clark and South Nye County, Las Vegas Valley (Southern Clark County).

The National Weather Service reports temperatures are expected to reach between 107-112 for the Las Vegas/Barstow area; 110-118 for the Colorado River region; 122-127 in Death Valley and 102-105 in Kingman.

Experts say the hottest days will be over the weekend and last until Monday or possibly into the next week.

The greatest impacts of the heat will be children, pets, the elderly, the homeless and people with chronic ailments. These people are most susceptible to heat-related illeness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Citizens are urged to take precautionary steps and prepare for the high heat. Drink plenty of water, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun and be sure to check up on relatives and neighbors.