National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis has presented the 2015 National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Wildfire Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Award to the Grand Canyon Helitack Crew.

The Grand Canyon Helitack Crew was recognized for consistently maintaining a high level of wildfire EMS support at the local, regional and national levels including an exceptional short-haul program which gives fire managers a critically needed resource on wildfires.

During the 2015 wildfire season, the crew spent 149 days away from the station as the primary medical and short-haul helicopter for large wildfires. While engaged on large wildfires, the crew performed on short-haul and fire medical evacuations of critically injured firefighters and assisted local forests and parks with two search and rescue operations.

In addition, the helitack crew assists interagency partners with development of the short-haul program, providing technical expertise on equipment, training and procedures for a safe and effective program.

This national annual award is sponsored by the NWCG’s Incident Emergency Medical Subcommittee (IEMS) to recognize and honor individuals and/or organizations who have demonstrated outstanding work, actions or programs in emergency medical service for our Nation’s wildland firefighters.