mike_hendrix_163x160There had been no indication in recent weeks that Mike Hendrix’ employment would not be extended, though there were questions as to how the Mohave County Administrator would be paid and how much. The answers came during Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. The Board approved the same approach that the county used in the previous employment of former Financial Services Director John Timko. Accordingly, and ironically, Hendrix will retire, but continue working for the county under a one year contract to begin at the start of the new year. The scenario essentially allows Hendrix to use his earned retirement to fund any raise he might enjoy while the county will continue paying Hendrix $147,500 as a contract employee. Hendrix must fund his own health benefit plan and he can exercise retirement options that will bring him compensation beyond his county contract. Approval of the “retire but work under contract” scenario came by a 3-2 vote of the Board. Supervisor Hildy Anguis explained her vote was against the funding approach, not Henrix.