As the Avian bird flu continues devastating the nation’s poultry farms, Arizona’s major egg producer, Hickman Family Farms, remains unscathed. The company’s 3rd generation egg farmer Glenn Hickman says, it’s doing everything it can to ward off this unprecedented outbreak, keeping one

step ahead of potential disaster by putting stringent measures in place to protect chickens from disease in the midst of expanding operations. Which means adding layers of protection as one million new egg-laying chickens are added to the seven million working every day.

Hickman says the company’s biosecurity measures include keeping unauthorized visitors out, requiring employees wear biosecurity garb which does not leave the plant, and foot baths at every entrance to ensure no one tracks anything into the facility.

Hickman says egg production has been adequate enough to have even shipped product to hard hit flu areas, like the midwest. But he says higher costs are unavoidable, and since prices are set on a national level, egg prices have already been climbing, and are expected to continue going up.

Hickman says, as much as the company’s hen population is healthy and working, it’s no time to let its guard down as long the virus continues being active. But he’s confident professionals, including scientists and government officials, will find a way to conquer  the strain that has decimated the resources of numerous chicken and eggs across the country.

 –Barbara Villa