MCC Mathlympics Calculus first place MHS Rathan KachamHigh school students who know how to solve inequalities in math, and who say phrases like “Cartesian plane” used their math skills to compete for more than $11,000 in Mohave Community College scholarships on Friday, April 3. MCC hosted 66 students from eight regional high schools and one homeschool student from Kingman in Mathlympics on the Bullhead City campus at 3400 Highway 95. Students competed in five categories: algebra I, geometry, algebra II, trigonometry, and calculus. In each category, students who earned first place received $1,000 scholarships, students who placed second received $750 scholarships, and students who placed third received $500 scholarships. This was the first year that MCC awarded scholarships to competition winners. A maximum of three students from one school could compete in each category; although the students competed individually, the school that received the most points from the individual scores won a team award. Rathan Kacham, a Mohave High School senior, took first place in calculus, the most advanced math level offered in the competition. He said it was his first time placing in the competition. “It’s pretty cool,” he said. “I’ve been looking forward to this. I have to give credit to my teacher, Mrs. (Jane) Sloan.” Lake Havasu High School won the first place team award. Kari Thompson, LHHS math department chair, said she attributes the students’ success to the strong K-12 system in Lake Havasu City. “I think a lot of people continue to assist these students, including teachers, parents and students’ own hard work,” she said. “We take a lot of pride in Lake Havasu in  many types of activities, academics, athletics, and music. The students like to compete and show their talents from this rural area.” Academy of Building Industries, a charter high school in Ft. Mohave, participated in the event for the first time. Gabriella Castro said she almost didn’t compete because she didn’t think she would perform well. Castro took first place in algebra I. “I’m just overwhelmed right now,” she said. “I have to talk my math teacher and my mom because is a real math nerd.” Landon MCC Mathlympcis first, second and third placeColvig, a homeschool student who lives in Kingman, competed in calculus. The 15-year-old is taking college calculus classes at MCC and said it was his first time competing in Mathlympics. “I’ve always been good at it, but I don’t really like it,” he said. From Lake Havasu High School, Sarah Beason, Tristan Farrington, and Alejandra Lopez competed in algebra I, Chanelle Fernandez, Megan McGuire, and Faith Mendoza competed in geometry, Gowtham Anche, Carlee Kraiss, and Nick Kata competed in algebra II, Johnathan Zilberman, Francis Mendoza, and Nolan French competed in trigonometry, and Jennifer Wrona, Austin Troyer, and Kayla Olsen competed in calculus. From Telesis Preparatory Academy, Pallavi Koyye, Michael DeFoe, and Morgan Motal competed in algebra I, Zachary Russell, Wesley Smythe, and Chris Wheeler competed in geometry, and Thomas Dameron, Mary Reynolds, and Jacob Vickers competed in algebra II. From the Academy of Building Industries, Gabriella Castro, Taylin Singleton, and Samantha Medina competed in algebra I, and Cesar Garcia, Brooke Adkins, and Savanah Webb competed in geometry. From Needles High School, Keerissa Tobler competed in algebra I and Dillon Darrow competed in geometry. From Laughlin High School, Caltlyn Schelper, Sheyeen Batrin, and Kara Boatwright MCC Mathlympics first place team LHHScompeted in algebra I, Wagih Henawi, Lori Morgan, and Paige Campbell competed in geometry, and Sierra Batrin, Brittany Schelper, and Victoria Wasmund competed in algebra II. From Mohave High School, Kaitlin Talamantes and Bryant Diaz competed in algebra I, Dixie Kacham, Nicholas Cardone, and Christina Barton competed in geometry, Carissa Salamantin, Steven Faught, and Anthony Rusk competed in algebra II, Connor McDonald, Tallon Demers, and Dillon Rodriguez competed in trigonometry, and Rathan Kacham, Dakota Lawrence, and Raquel MacDonald competed in calculus. From River Valley High School, Ariadna Armenta, Ashley Thiman, and Cody Gill competed in algebra I, John Lambert, Justin Studer, and Chris Bauber competed in geometry, Regan Glenn, Jamilynn Gonzalez, and Taylor Slader competed in alebra II, and Jacob Wable and Rosa Medina competed in trigonometry. Tristan Singleton and Jessica Molles also participated in the algebra II round.


MCC Mathlympics second place team Mohave High SchoolMCC Mathlympics first place calculus Rathan Kacham: Mohave High School senior Rathan Kacham earned first place in calculus, the most difficult competition category in Mathlympics at Mohave Community College on April 3.

MCC Mathlympics first second third places: High school students competed in five math categories in Mathlympics at Mohave Community College on April 3. The first-, second, and third-place winners in each category received a scholarship to MCC.

MCC Mathlympics first place team LHHS: Lake Havasu High School earned first place in the team division for Mathlympics at MCC’s Bullhead City campus.

MCC Mathlympics second place team MHS: Mohave High School earned second place in the team division for Mathlympics at MCC’s Bullhead City MCC Mathlympics third place team Telesis Preparatory Academycampus.

MCC Mathlympics third place team: Telesis Preparatory Academy earned third place in the team division for Mathlympics at MCC’s Bullhead City campus.




Sidebar: 2015 Mathlympic Winners

 Algebra I

First: Gabriella Castro, Academy of Building Industries

Second: Pallavi Koyye, Telesis Preparatory Academy

Third: Morgan Motal, Telesis Preparatory Academy


First: Nicholas Cardone, Mohave High School

Second: Chris Wheeler, Telesis Preparatory Academy

Third: Dixid Kacham, Mohave High School

 Alegbra II

First: Gowtham Anche, Lake Havasu High School

Second: Charlee Kraiss, Lake Havasu High School

Third: Nick Kata, Lake Havasu High School


First: Nolan French, Lake Havasu High School

Second: Francis Mendoza, Lake Havasu High School

Third: Johnathan Zilberman, Lake Havasu High School


First: Rathan Kacham, Mohave High School

Second: Jennifer Wrona, Lake Havasu High School

Third: Kayla Olsen, Lake Havasu High School


First: Lake Havasu High School

Second: Mohave High School

Third: Telesis Preparatory Academy