SearchlightSEARCHLIGHT, NV– The owner of a small convenience store in this town stuck between Las Vegas and Laughlin has the dubious distinction of having the highest gas prices in the State of Nevada, but they’re taking it all in stride, and claim to be getting solid support from locals. “We don’t sell alot of gas,” said Casey McCubbin, who has owned the Searchlight Boat and RV Storage for the last 10 years. “When we last bought our gas it was while prices were still very high and we can’t afford to lower them now.” The Searchlight Boat and RV Storage has a strangle-hold on the number one position for highest gas prices in Nevada. Regular unleaded at the McCubbin’s convenience store, which is about a quarter-mile east of U.S. Highway 95 on the way to Cottonwood Cove, sells for $3.40 a gallon. That is more than 30 cents higher than the next highest gas price in Nevada, which is at a station along the south shore of Lake Tahoe, according to       McCubbin says that her business is more centered on the convenience store and the storage facility, which is quite busy in the summer time. “We’re the gateway to Lake Mohave,” she said. “The summer time is really our best time of year.” Although gas prices in Las Vegas have fallen below $2.00, and those in Laughlin hover around $2.50, and continue downward, don’t expect any changes in Searchlight. “I suspect we won’t have to buy any gas (from a wholesaler) again until April,” McCubbin predicted. She’s also convinced the low gas prices that motorists are finding around the country currently won’t continue much longer. Nonetheless, she would lower her prices if she could afford it. “Thankfully, the locals here in Searchlight have been very supportive,” she said. “They keep buying gas from us even though they could get it for cheaper.” “People keep coming here because we have the best customer service,” she added.