Firefighters raced to rescue a man who fell while hiking in the White Tanks Mountain in Buckeye.  The 44-year-old man had been hiking in the Skyline Recreation area when he fell and impaled his leg.  The hiker had his cell phone but was unable to call for help due to poor reception.  After a few hours of being

trapped on the mountain, the cell phone finally worked and he called 9-1-1.  By the time crews arrived, it was dark and firefighters were unable to located him.  A 9-1-1 operator told the hiker to wave his illuminated phone around so they firefighters could find him.  After several hours of being trapped on the mountain, the hiker was found about 200 feet from the trail on the peak of Turnbuckle Trail.  The man was airlifted to the hospital in stable condition.

Kris Dugan