The possibility of hosting a 4th of July community fireworks show was addressed during the May 16 Kingman City Council meeting. The discussion included some focus on the dangerous nature of such events, liability exposure and insurance coverage.

Human Resources Director Jackie Walker noted that pyrotechnics working under contract for the city were hurt during fireworks shows on the 4th of July in 1980 and 2013. Walker noted said the city’s insurance carrier assessed Kingman’s potential exposure in excess of $5-million four years ago, though the contractor was ultimately held responsible for the claim.

Walker said staff recommended at least $5-million in municipal insurance protection for any fireworks show in which the city might be involved.

Assistant Fire Chief Keith Eaton said staff is exploring logistical considerations for possibly contracting for a show.

Eaton said city parks might be suitable venues for smaller shells that project less high in the sky than the bigger shells that would require use of the county fairgrounds to sufficiently separate the public from the fireworks.

Eaton will report back to the council regarding possible locations, contractors and cost.