Peoria police and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a wild home invasion that resulted in a house fire and a shooting.  Deputy Courtney Palmer with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, a man donned a black mask and broke into a Peoria home and set it on fire with a blow torch.  The

 homeowner heard the commotion, grabbed his gun and shot the suspect in the stomach.   The suspect ran from the house.  The suspect, fearing for his health after being shot came out of hiding and turned himself into officers on the scene of the house he just set on fire. Meanwhile, the house goes up in flames and firefighters are called on to rescue someone inside the home.  The home was totally engulfed when firefighters entered the home to find the person inside.  Crews find the victim, but not without injury.  Five deputies and firefighters were overcome by smoke inhalation and hospitalized.  All are expected to be fine.  The homeowner was rescued from the blaze and given CPR.  They were transferred to a nearby hospital in extremely critical condition.  The suspect who set the house ablaze with a blow torch is also in critical condition.

Kris Dugan