pw2backhoeA saw cut through concrete and jackhammers busted pieces into rubble much of Monday as crews dug into the backyard of a north Kingman home in an unfinished attempt to excavate and recover the remains of a homicide victim. Much of the work was obscured from public view as Mohave County Public Works and Sheriffs office personnel used an elongated motor home parking area on the western side of the home to access the rear of the property in the 3700 block of Lass Avenue.

“Not too bad,” one neighbor said of the noise that emanated from a normally quiet and remotely located neighborhood about 1.5 miles from the Kingman Airport.

“All day long we’ve heard it,” said another neighbor whose backyard abuts the backyard where the dig is underway. She said the sheriff’s office asked her not to speak to the press and that reporters had knocked on her door throughout the day hoping to use her backyard to take pictures of the dig.

The same woman, wishing to remain anonymous said she was not “creeped out” that a murder victim might be buried within 100 feet of her home.

“Not at all,” she said smiling. “I worked at a morgue for more than 20 years. This stuff doesn’t bother me.”

Chief Sheriff’s deputy Rodney Head said the dig would resume Tuesday morning.

After a failed suicide attempt on July 9 in Laughlin, 63-year-old Richard Polaski told authorities he had stabbed to death his friend John Holland, 65, during an argument in late June of 2015. Polaski said he put Holland’s body in a hole and encased it in three feet or more of concrete.

Court records show that Polaski further confessed that an accomplice helped forge documents that were used to gain power of attorney and control over Holland’s trust account, residential properties, vehicles and other assets. The sheriff’s office and the attorney prosecuting Polaski have said that the woman has not been charged and that the fraud and theft components are part of the continuing homicide investigation.

The owners of the Lass Avenue home where the dig continues and Polaski’s defense attorney have declined opportunity to comment.

Polaski is held in the county jail in Kingman, awaiting trial for first degree murder.