jose_isabelA Las Vegas man is trying to withdraw from a plea agreement subjecting him to substantial prison time for the death of another man in a rural area some 12 miles west of Dolan Springs. That’s what defense attorney Jeff James told the Court when he appeared for Jose Isabel Licea-Mendoza’s December 15 sentencing hearing in Kingman. The defendant previously pled guilty to second degree murder in a deal that specified a 10-16 year prison sentence. James told Mohave County Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle that family members have informed his client that an eyewitness has changed his story and now claims that the victim actually shot and killed himself in October, 2013. The victim whose body was recovered from a grave is believed to be a resident of El Salvador. Prosecutor Jacob Cote did not oppose James’ request to postpone sentencing to allow him additional time to check into the change in the witness statement. The case comes back to the Court in a hearing scheduled January 5.