adkinsA 20-year prison term was imposed March 20 for a Kingman man convicted in the beating death of his disabled roommate. Robert Adkins, 53, was sentenced by Mohave County Superior Court judge Steve Conn.

Adkins was convicted at trial of vulnerable adult abuse and second degree murder in the Christmas Eve, 2013 death of Michael Sudkamp, 53. The prosecutor and medical examiner told the jury that the 27 rib fractures and other injuries suffered by the victim were inconsistent with Adkins’ claim that Sudkamp was hurt during falls in the home they shared.

“The jury got it wrong,” Adkins told the Judge, continuing to maintain his innocence. “I certainly didn’t harm him in any way, shape or form.”

Judge Conn said he opted for a higher range of punishment as he agreed with the prosecutor that Sudkamp was unable to defend himself and that the nature of the injuries caused significant suffering before his death.