The month of August 2016 is a memorable period in our Apprenticeship Program,” Randolph M. Argote declared recently.

Argote, the Supervisory Apprentice Coordinator at Hoover Dam, added, “Our power system electrician apprentices (PSEAs) successfully completed their first year in the program on Aug. 21.” He then said that following a recent announcement, the Program is in the process of selecting five more powerplant operator apprentices (PPOAs).

Additionally, the hydroelectric mechanic apprentices (HEMAs) completed their examinations on Aug. 31, which expedited their crossing of the halfway point in their program.

“This is an exciting triple milestone completion for all of us in the Apprenticeship Training Group,” Argote said. “We will celebrate these accomplishments with pride and gratitude to everyone in Hoover Dam and the Lower Colorado Dams Office, whose continuous support made all these possible.” He continued and with pride characterized the Hoover Dam Apprenticeship Program as “. . . a viable resource to train and develop these outstanding journeymen of the future.”

PPOA Instructor Bob Swain said he expects to begin instruction on powerplant operations in December with a new class “. . . of five shiny new powerplant operator apprentices.”