A reward involving a wild horse shot to death keeps on growing. Right after the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group provided $2,000 dollars, a $1,000 contribution by the Schill Law Firm and $5,000 from the International Society of the Protection of Mustangs and Burrows brought the reward

up to a total of $8.000. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio hopes the money helps ferret out a suspect and sheds light on a motive behind why “Dotty” the horse was shot.

At first, M-C-S-O said it had found no evidence “Dotty” was shot to death, until a necropsy proved otherwise. Arpaio says the examination found “Dotty” was in good shape so there were no health issues with the beloved horse.

The wild horses had been getting thrust into the headlines since summer when the Federal government tried to move them out of their habitat, but backed off amid fierce resistance from animal lovers that the horses stay put in the Salt River near the Tonto National Forest.

–Barbara Villa