Powdered alcohol is coming to a store near you, and a State lawmaker who tried to get it outlawed in Arizona winds up on the losing end. Representative Bob Thorpe’s amendment was voted down Thursday in the House Higher Education-Government committee. Thorpe, a Flagstaff Republican, says he’s worried about the potential for abuse of Palcohol, especially with teenagers.

Thorpe says the dangers of snorting or injecting powered alcohol have yet to be seen. He also has problems with the portability of packets of alcohol, making it more convenient for minors to be carrying a substance they’re too young to legally ingest.

But the bipartisan majority of the committee raised concerns such as the bill’s potential to put a chill on innovation and anticipated difficulties in enforcing the law.

Thorpe says he’s going to see how powdered alcohol fares in other states before proposing another ban. But he says the reason he pushed his amendment was to keep Arizona from being a “guinea pig” for the new product.

–Barbara Villa