A vacant house goes up in flames and spreads to the surrounding field.  Fire Captain Ben Santillan with the Phoenix Fire Department says firefighters were initially called to a field fire but soon discovered a house was ablaze.  He says the call came in about a field fire and “it didn’t sound like a big fire, it sounded

 like a small fire with some debris on fire, however, when crews arrived on scene, the field was completely engulfed and there was a lot of fire.”  Firefighters soon realized a house was on fire some distance from the field.  Crews had to deploy an additional 200 feet of supply line to reach the home.  The home was vacant and the cause of the fire is under investigation.  Santillan notes that neighbors should keep an eye on any vacant homes in their area and watch for squatters.  If someone is living in a home who shouldn’t be there, call police.

Kris Dugan