The Arizona House O.K’S a bill banning tax money used for abortions under Obama Care when a patient pays for optional separate coverage. Currently in Arizona, that’s the only exception to the rule otherwise prohibiting public funding of abortions.  Mesa G-O-P Representative Kelly Townsend amended the bill to notify women who’ve taken R-U 486 to induce abortions, there’s a way to medically reverse their actions if they’ve changed their minds.

Townsend says her amendment is strictly about letting women know there are options out there, even after taking the drug. But her amendment drew vocal opposition from Kingman Republican Regina Cobb, who warned there are dangers from the high doses of progesterone that would be administered in the so-called reverse abortion. Eventually, Cobb held her nose on the amendment, voting for the bill as a whole because of her pro-life stance.

Democrats voting against the bill argue this is a violation of a woman’s privacy and their right to have abortions be strictly between patients and their doctors. But Republican John Ackerley , stressing his pro-life views was a “no” vote, saying the bill is a lawsuit waiting to happen. He says he based his decision on the wishes of his 2nd District constitutents.

S-B 1318 returns to the Senate.

–Barbara Villa