A bid to resurrect indigent children’s health insurance passes in the Arizona House Thursday. District 5 Republican Regina Cobb fought for her amendment to revive Kids Care after lawmakers would not include it in the budget Tuesday.

Cobb, whose bill to revive Kids Care successfully passed the House but was not allowed a vote in the Senate, reiterated the many reasons to support it: struggling families that earn too much to qualify for AHCCCS but not enough to buy insurance under Obamacare have children that will be medically neglected, and it doesn’t cost the state anything. She related her own experience, as a financially struggling mother who had to take out a second mortgage to pay for a child’s enormous medical bills.

Opposing Republicans argue it’s not right that even a family of ten making $82,000 a year would qualify for Kids Care. Others also condemn the program as coercing taxpayers to give up their hard-earned money to someone else. The measure, attached to a Senate school voucher bill, returns to the Senate.

–Barbara Villa