Kristiana Faddoul and Veronica Acosta

Friday, Nov. 18, 2016

How to safely fry a turkey

Here’s the thing. Deep frying isn’t the safest way to cook a turkey. Just ask any firefighter or emergency-room worker who has treated someone with third- or fourth-degree burns from an unfortunate accident.

But like skateboards and fast cars, whole-fried turkeys are here to stay. Frying them safely lies in the preparation. Here are tips from the Mesa Fire and Medical Department.

Take the turkey to a wide-open spot, away from anything flammable. A carport, garage or any enclosed area is not the place to fry a turkey.
• Keep the turkey in its bag, and place it in your frying pot.
• Fill the pot with water and stop before the water overfills.
• Mark that spot, empty the water, and remove the turkey.
• Fill your pot with that same amount of oil, bring to a boil.
• This method prevents boiling oil spilling over when the turkey – with the bag removed of course – is inserted into the pot.
• Keep children and pets away from the fryer.