Havasu Regional Medical Center is looking for approximately 12 volunteers from the community to participate on an advisory council to discuss how to improve the partnership between patients, their families and the healthcare professionals that care for them. The goal of the Patient-Family Advisory council is to enhance the quality and safety of healthcare, leading to the best outcomes in patient care.

Patient-Family Centered Care is an approach to health care that offers a new way of thinking about the relationships between patients, their families and healthcare providers. It is founded on the understanding that the family plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of patients of all ages. “We want to provide services to our community in an environment that fosters healing, is a collaborative partnership, encourages information sharing and treats patients and their families with dignity and respect. Our vision in doing this is based on the understanding that providing the best care includes the technical skills as well as the patient experience. Who better to help us define that experience than our patients and community?” said Aphreikah DuHaney-West, HRMC’s Chief Nursing Officer.
Family-Centered Care was first defined in 1987 as part of Surgeon General Koop’s initiative for family-centered, community-based coordinated care for children with special healthcare needs and
their families. As healthcare systems have become more complex and fragmented, and as providers feel more pressure to see more patients in less time, care has too often become centered not on the needs of patients, but around the needs of the system itself.
Although Family Centered Care was first intended for children with special needs, and has been practiced primarily in pediatric settings, there is a growing national recognition that it is relevant to patients of all ages, and it may be practiced in any healthcare setting.
If you are interested in participating on this board, please call 928-453-0170.