justiceA narcotics transportation trial at the Mohave County courthouse ended March 17 in a hung jury. The panel was unable to reach unanimous verdicts in the case against Diego Salazar, 28. Salazar and Bryan Dozois, 46, both of Massachusetts, were arrested last April when 15 kilograms of cocaine was located in a commercial truck load of strawberries inspected at the Interstate 40 weigh station about 60 miles west of Kingman. Dozois was driving the rig while Salazar, the owner of the trucking company, had been sleeping in the big rig. Defense attorney Lee Novak argued the state could not prove that Salazar knew the drugs were concealed among the strawberries. Prosecutor Tom Godfrey alleged that Salazar was aware and that his trucking company was a front for the transportation of illegal drugs. The hung jury trial outcome leaves separate cases pending against each defendant.