WX-Map2The National Weather Service in Las Vegas is keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Blanca as she makes her way up the Gulf of California, however, trying to predict her impact on the Tri-State area is no easy task.

This morning, the weather service is predicting a change in the Tri-State area weather for Tuesday or Wednesday of next week but the extent of the impact is up for debate.

Hurricane Blanca quickly grew into a category four hurricane earlier this week, but its power has subsided a bit and is now listed as a category two hurricane, which is hovering off the coast of central Mexico.

The National Weather Service rates its confidence level as ‘low’ when it comes to the tropical storm’s impact on the Tri-State area. Computer models indicate that most of the moisture generated from the storm will be carried across central and eastern Arizona and onto the Four Corners region.

The one wild-card in the forecast that might possibly change the trajectory of the remnants is a low pressure system currently off the coast of California. Meteorologists say that system has the potential to pull some of the moisture westward, possibly into the Tri-State area.