A husband and the struggling wife he tried to save both apparently drowned at Lake Havasu Friday, July 21. The Mohave County Sheriff’s office said waterways deputies responded at 3:25 p.m. to a report that an unconscious woman had been pulled from the water in an area just west of Crazy Horse Cove.

Agency spokeswoman Trish carter said Esmeralda Gonzalez, 41, Monrovia, California panicked after jumping into the water from a boat that was floating on the lake. She said her husband Raul Gonzalez, 44, jumped in to try to rescue her.

“Both were seen struggling in the water prior to them both going under the water’s surface and not resurfacing,” Carter said in a new release. She said Good Samaritans pulled the woman from the water and transported her to nearby boat docks where she was pronounced dead.

Carter said the body of Mr. Gonzalez was quickly located and recovered from 12 feet of water at the bottom of the lake. He was also pronounced dead following transport to the docks.

Carter said alcohol could be a factor and that an investigation continues. Autopsy results are pending.