Immigrant rights groups have their eyes trained on the U.S. Supreme court for the next two months, just as Justices heard oral arguments Monday on president Obama’s executive order, which grants over 4 million undocumented aliens protection from deportation. The President’s 2014 order also

gives those who qualify work permits. However, the program is on hold after 26 states, including Arizona, sue against it, with Texas leading the way.

Immigration activists, including Promise Arizona, among others, call it a special day providing an opportunity for relief. They say what’s left in the balance is hard working families who are unfairly being treated as criminals and getting separated from their loved ones by the government. Christian Avila with “Mi Familia Vota” says President Obama may have his program under fire, but ultimately, it’s not him but immigrant communities under attack, and that makes it “personal.”

One Arizona Director Ian Danley ponders the possibility of a 4 to 4 court decision, in which case the issue would return to the Texas Federal Court where the preliminary injunction against the President’s order originated. If a tie occurs, Danley says, “it doesn’t kill these executive actions, but we are waiting for a full Supreme Court to give us a final decision. So, this is not the end, either way.

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling by June 30th.