Valley Republicans have put forth a plan to curb illegal immigration.  Legislation to extend federal enforcement of drug and other laws to land managed by the Interior and Agriculture Departments has been introduced in both the House and Senate.  Republican Matt Salmon introduced the bill in the House to plug

enforcement holes in the border.  He says it will pass swiftly adding “I think that’s 100 percent certainty and I think it will get throughout the Senate as well because it’s a common sense idea.” Salmon goes on to say, it would “be pretty stupid to try and block something so common sense – everybody knows those corridors where we’re forbidden to go is exactly where the bad guys go, it’s just common sense if we’re serious about keeping our borders safe.  However, Senator Jeff Flake isn’t as certain as Salmon.  Flake says “I think it’s going to be unlikely, anything with immigration is unfortunately.” Flake believe Senate Democrats will block anything, but comprehensive immigration reform and that isn’t likely to be passed by the House. 

Kris Dugan