635573771265357191-neilearlyThe death of an inmate from the privately operated state prison in Golden Valley has been ruled a homicide. After review of sophisticated lab analysis of brain tissue, the Clark County coroner’s office has determined that Neil Early, 23, of blunt force injuries to the head.

The inmate from Peoria, Arizona died at University Medical Center in Las Vegas on January 19, three days after he was injured while housed in the medium security Cerbat Unit of the prison. Deputy Mohave County attorney Jace Zack said the case cannot be prosecuted until and unless authorities can determine who is responsible for inflicting the injury.

Zack said authorities have reviewed surveillance system video from the prison that show Early and a half dozen or more other inmates entering and exiting a bathroom area, but that the infliction of any injury occurred beyond camera view. He said Early exited the bathroom holding one of his hands to his face.

The Arizona Department of Corrections said that  Early sought treatment within the facility before he was transported to Kingman Regional Medical Center and on to Las Vegas.

Early’s family has filed a $7.5-million claim alleging negligence.

The same prison was the subject of civil litigation in the aftermath of a 2010 escape by inmates that led to the murder of an Oklahoma couple in New Mexico. The prison that is operated by the Utah-based Managment and Training Corporation is currently the focus of separate investigations following the injury of a dozen people during four days of unrest and rioting in early July.