A Pinal County inmate is hospitalized after a bizarre incident in his cell. Sheriff Paul Babeu says the mentally ill prisoner had pulled an eye out of his socket with his fingers.Babeu says 26 year old Colin Corkhill had already been on a mental health watch, when, detention officers making routine

cell checks noticed blood in his shower stall. They then found the inmate lying on the floor of his cell with his right eye detached. The Sheriff points out the inmate had no weapons or other instruments in his cell.

Babeu says, doctors were not able to save Corkhill’s eye. Just before the incident, the Sheriff says, Corkhill had been seen punching himself in the face in the shower.

Corkhill is in jail charged with Attempted Murder, Theft by Means of Transportation, Aggravated Assault and Resisting Arrest.

–Barbara Villa