city of kingmanThere’s activity once again at the old Guardian Fiberglass facility at the Kingman Airport Industrial Park. After purchasing the building early last year, Knauf Insulation began using it for storage and shipping in early January.

    “We’re using it as a distribution center. I can’t say whether that’s permanent or temporary, but the idea right now is that’s a good place for us to distribute products from,” said Joey Viselli, Vice President of Marketing for Knauf. He said a handful of employees are involved in the local operation.
   Whether the local plant ever becomes a more labor intensive, manufacturing facility again depends on market factors. Viselli said it is hoped that the bounce back in the market last year will be sustained.
   Viselli said housing start growth was up 11% last year. He said about that much more growth is projected for this year as well.
   “Business is very good at Knauf Insulation. We have products that people who consume insulation want,” Viselli said. “We see demand going up at a rapid rate and we’re trying to figure out the best way to get that product to thema nd right now the best thing for us to do to help us serve the southwest is to use that at a distribution center.”