SCAMA history of filing personal property claims for compensation from insurance companies has finally caught up with Leon Williams, 62. Mohave County Superior Court Commissioner Billy Sipe recently imposed a jail sentence and prosecutor Rod Albright said he’ll ask for prison time in another case. Judge Sipe placed Williams on probation for three years and ordered 90 days jail time during a February 11 sentencing hearing. Williams is convicted of theft in an October, 2014 plea agreement that dismissed fraud, forgery and perjury charges. Court records reveal that Williams lost a 1992 Porsche 968 to an August, 2009 lien sale after he failed to pay a bill for mechanical services and storage charges. The vehicle was purchased by a Clark County Deputy District Attorney who sold it to a private party in California in July, 2011. The records show that Williams filed a report with the Bullhead City Police Department in April, 2010 alleging the vehicle was stolen. He also filed a stolen vehicle compensation claim that netted payment of about $12,700 from Farmers Insurance and another $1,100 for reimbursement for use of a rental vehicle. “The investigation determined that Williams was not the legal owner of the Porsche, or even in possession of it at the time he reported it as ‘stolen’, and no such theft occurred,” the Pre Sentence Investigation (PSI) stated. “As a matter of reference, Williams had been the victim of vehicle thefts in the preceding three years.” The PSI noted Williams had also filed insurance collection claims involving a Ford Jamboree motorhome and a 2001 Cadillac Seville.