COUNTYThe Board of Supervisors voted August 1 to disband a committee established years ago to monitor and measure Treasurer’s office investment activity. Treasurer Cindy Landa Cox said it is no longer needed.

“I understand the reason that the oversight investment committee was established, but I feel that it did what was necessary to do,” Cox said. She told supervisors there’s adequate expertise in the office to administer investment duties.

“I’m the first treasurer in this county to have a finance degree and a master’s degree, and have 30 years of experience as an accountant in the world,” Cox said. “I also have a chief deputy who used to be a CPA. Between the two of us I think we have 70 years of experience handling investments and finance.”

Cox said her recommendation to disband the committee was supported by the county administrator and finance director. Supervisor Gary Watson said that he was “more comfortable” that the committee was engaged in oversight but that he accepted the consensus conclusion that it is no longer needed.