Vandals tag a rare, prehistoric archaeological site near the Jordan Trailhead in Sedona.  The U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigation is on the lookout for several suspects who vandalized the Jordan Cave.  Spokeswoman Brienne Magee the suspects were seen removing and throwing rocks from the

walls of the site over a steep embankment in December. Some of the rocks were also dug from the prehistoric floor of the site and thrown over the embankment.

Patrol Captain Jon Nelson says “these prehistoric sites are rare treasures on our public lands and the Forest Service takes every effort to preserve and protect those resources.”  He adds “Once these sites are damaged, it removes a piece of the puzzle of how past communities lived and existed over time that cannot be replaced. It not only destroys scientific evidence, it denies the public from seeing these areas as they were left by the Pueblo people who lived here centuries ago.”

It is illegal to excavate, remove, damage, alter or deface any archaeological resource, to include surface collecting. An archaeological resource is defined as any historic or prehistoric object or resource that is 50 years or older.

Anyone with information regarding this vandalism should contact Officer Mike O’Neil at 928-203-7512.

Kris Dugan