Attorneys for the ex freeway shooting suspect win at least one round in court Tuesday. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Warren Granville is still keeping the state’s investigation on Leslie Merritt open, but he is allowing documents in the case to be unsealed. Attorney Jason Lamm says,

this is just like getting a hot fudge sundae with only the cherry missing, mostly because the charges have been dropped and he maintains the State has no evidence to make a case should it refile charges. 

However, the unsealed documents will redact key witness information such as phone numbers and home addresses. The Judge denied a motion to immediately release Merritt’s car and gun. But that matter will be addressed in a June 17th hearing.

Merritt, once charged in four of last summer’s freeway shootings, was in jail for seven months. Co-Attorney Ulises Farragut says Merritt is now suffering from P-T-S-D from the experience. And with the investigation still ongoing, he adds, the tormented Merritt’s life is on hold and has developed a paranoia of police.  He was not at today’s hearing because he’s returned to work.

–Barbara Villa