williams1 A five year commute is coming to an end for Rick Williams, Division 5 Mohave County Superior Court Judge. Williams has been reassigned to work from a courtroom in Bullhead City going forward. Williams resides in Bullhead City with his wife and children, but he has been driving to Kingman where he’s handled mostly criminal cases since January, 2009. Being reassigned to Bullhead City ends his daily 90 minute round trip commute to Kingman. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be closer to family and not spend so much time on the road and be able to attend some of the school functions and school plays and sporting events that sometimes I’ve missed because I work out of town,” Williams said. Williams’ legal career, both as a lawyer and judge, has principally focused on criminal cases. That will change with his new assignment, allowing him to handle other cases and areas of law. “It’s a great opportunity to expand my horizons and become a more complete judicial officer,” Williams said. He will keep a handful of his current criminal cases, while the rest will be distributed to Lee Jantzen and other Superior Court Judges.