Authorities believe a high school math teacher was under the influence of drugs when he engaged in bizarre behavior last fall. 29-year-old Abdul Khan is charged with impersonating an officer, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Khan allegedly jumped into the backseat of an extended cab pickup truck that was stopped for a red light on N. Acoma Boulevard on October 10. The driver told police that she ordered Khan out of the vehicle after he got in and claimed to be a police officer.

The woman called police who responded to the Smith’s grocery store parking lot where Khan had taken off his shirt and was doing jumping jacks. A Lake Havasu police report indicated that Khan appeared to be under the influence.

“Khan was speaking rapidly, not making sense, was sweating, had increased breathing rate, body tremors, excitation and restlessness,” the report said. “Khan said he was a police officer multiple times and was working undercover…Khan stated that he takes ephedrine as part of his diet and is trying to get fit.”