courthouseMohave County is having more and more trouble with jurors failing to report when summoned for jury duty, according to   Superior Court Clerk Virlynn Tinnell. More than two dozen citizens who failed to report for jury duty on at least three occasions were directed to appear for hearings addressing why they should not be held in contempt of court.

Judge Billy Sipe conducted nine “order to show cause” hearings on Thursday, October 15. Tinnell said Sipe excused a few of the citizens when they explained why they did not show for jury duty.

Tinnell said Judge Sipe found six citizens in contempt of court, a civil rather than criminal offense. Five were fined $250 and another was provided the option of paying the same fine or performing 25 hours of community work service.

Judge Steve Conn conducted another 20 hearings on Friday, October 16. Tinnell said eleven citizens were excused for their absences, four were ordered to pay $250 fines and five were advised they would not face sanction provided they obeyed summons to show up for future jury duty.