What is being called the final memorial for Kayla Mueller was held today in Prescott. Mueller is the Prescott woman killed while in ISIS captivity. Arizona Senator John McCain spoke at the memorial.

“I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Kayla. I wish I had. I’d be a better man for knowing that. I’m sure of that. Kayla’s life had meaning and it’s meaning was more powerful than all the cruelty inflicted on all the innocent victims on earth. Kayla’s meaning was love.” Kayla’s father Carl Mueller also spoke at the event, thanking all those who have offered support. “This community outpouring of the help and support has been fabulous. The sheriff’s office, Senator McCain has been here from almost day one. But today, we’re here to celebrate Kayla’s life, who she was, her beautiful smile, her unforgettable laugh, her wonderful, eccentric sense of humor.”
Mike Sauceda