More than a hundred people from many different walks of life are pushing Governor Doug Ducey and state lawmakers to lift the freeze on new KidsCare publicly-funded health insurance coverage for children.

Children’s Action Alliance President Dana Wolfe-Naimark says that, if the freeze were lifted, up to 40,000 children whose families earn up to 200% of the federal poverty level could be covered and the federal government would pay 100% of the program’s cost. State Representative Regina Cobb says her bill passed overwhelmingly in the House, stalled in the Senate, but she is optimistic that it can still make it into the budget. Cobb says that, as these families would paying healthcare premiums, under KidsCare, this is not a handout as they earn a little too much to qualify for AHCCCS but too little to afford health insurance through Obamacare. Opponents worry that, like in 2010 when the freeze was enacted, the feds would suspend full funding after only two years, leaving the state with a bill we could not afford to pay. Arizona is currently the only state without a children’s health insurance program.