brad nelsonA Golden Valley man convicted in the murder of his teenage niece is asking authorities to carry out his death sentence. Mohave County Superior Court Judge Richard Weiss has directed attorneys to file briefs as to whether Brad Nelson, 44, should have a mental health examination before his death wish is considered. Nelson was sentenced to death for murdering 14-year-old Amber Graff in 2006. Nelson was caring for the girl and her brother when their mother was in the hospital and he allegedly sexually assaulted Graff in a motel room and beat her in the head with a rubber mallet. In a handwritten letter to Judge Weiss in April, 2013 Nelson said he doesn’t need or want a mental health evaluation. “I was found competent to stand trial and very little has changed,” Nelson wrote. “I am still competent to make this decision. I do it of my own free will, of sound mine and sane.” Nelson informs the Court that he wants to waive all of his rights, end all appeals and accept the death sentence imposed by Weiss. “Please just issue the death warrant,” Nelson’s letter said. “This is my right and I impose it.” Nelson admits he killed his niece in another letter sent to the Court. “Yes, I took the life of Amber Graff, however it was never planned nor intended,” it said. “It’s all really simple. I was on alcohol and drugs and blanked out. Basically, I didn’t realize what I had done until it was too late.”