4th of julyIt’s official now. Kingman will not enjoy a city-sponsored fireworks show this 4th of July.The annual community celebration has been in jeopardy for months due to litigation and lack of proper venue for the inscendiary display. College student Shawn Walsh’s efforts to save and move the show north of Kingman failed to provide sufficient comfort to move forward given City Council and staff member assessments of a mix of issues involving funding, insurance and fire protection, and liability.Council member Mark Abram said unfortunate circumstances have dictated that the Kingman skyline be without fireworks on Independence Day this year.”It’s not the end of the world going dark,” Abrams said during the June 2 Council meeting. “I would love to see fireworks. I believe in having them to celebrate our nation’s birth but there are other options available.”City Manager John Dougherty’s backup plan is a downtown block party. Dougherty told Council the party would include street closures, music and free hot dogs, watermelon and soda.

“Total cost of all of this would be about $3,000,” Dougherty said. “What would happen is we would start the party down the block, then about 8:30 we would propose to hand out sparklers and march up 4th street.”

City attorney Carl Cooper quickly poured cold water on the plan for any sort of pyrotechnic people parade.

“Sparklers always make me a little bit frightened just because of liability issues,” Cooper said.

“I would rather trade glow sticks for sparklers,” Abram agreed. “I don’t even like giving my own grandkids sparklers.”

The council voted in support of the block party, without sparklers.

 4th block party