great lakesThe federal government has preserved essential air service subsidy dollars for Kingman many times over the years after issuing “use it or lose it” ultimatums to the community. It appears Kingman has run out of “second chances” as the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has informed parties that it is terminating the $1.6-million annual subsidy it allocates to Great Lakes Aviation to provide flight service to Kingman.

The DOT, in a March 13 order, indicated that the carrier is still not meeting minimum requirements in the Kingman market. The agency intends to end the subsidy at the end of April due to continued meager passenger counts and underutilization of the service.

“If Great Lakes decides to suspend service at the community, the Department expects it to contact all passengers who hold reservations for flights that will be suspended to inform them of the suspension, and to assist them in arranging alternative transportation or provide them with a refund of their ticket price, without penalty, if requested,” the DOT order stated. “The Department will not entertain petitions for reconsideration of this Order.”