mccMCC News: Building 200’s remodel on the Neal Kingman Campus is five months in and on track for a May completion date.

The building, part of a multi-facility project involving the facelift of the 200 building and a new student services building, will house faculty and staff, the EMT and Medical Assisting programs, and a 350-person meeting room overlooking the campus.

“I think it’ll be a huge enhancement for the college and community,” said Fred Gilbert, campus dean for the Neal Kingman campus.

“It’ll be the largest venue in Kingman. That multi-purpose room can seat 350 people, 240 with tables. People in the community can utilize it. We’re looking forward and are excited about that.”

Skylights and large bay windows will be installed to utilize more natural light, and the building will utilize an “exposed ceiling” look to give rooms more vertical space.

Faculty is slated to move in the first week of May, with pinning ceremonies scheduled for the middle of May in the multi-purpose room.

For more information on the construction on the Kingman campus, contact the MCC Public Information Officer at 928-302-5351.