kingmanThe Kingman City Council conducted a two hour long workshop Thursday, January 7. City Manager John Dougherty said most of the discussion was focused on whether to move forward with a special election next spring.

   Dougherty said the Council consensus is to stick with plans to ask voters in May to adopt a primary property tax in the city. Previous discussion had centered on pursuit of about $3-million in additional annual revenue, but Dougherty said the Council has decided to up the  ante.

   Dougherty said staff was directed to prepare separate levy options that would generate additional annual revenue of either $4.5-million or $6-million.

   Finance Director Tina Moline said a city primary property tax levy of $2.52 per $100 of assessed valuation would generate about $4.5-million under current conditions. She said it would take a levy of about $3.36 per $100 of assessed valuation to generate $6-million.

   The Mohave County primary property tax levy is currently at $1.96 per $100 of assessed valuation. The City council is expected to make its proposed levy decision during its January 19 meeting.

   Dougherty January 7 workshop discussion included city involvement in a 4th of July celebration this year. He said the consensus is that the city will sponsor a block party rather than a fireworks show on Independence Day.