The Kingman Fire Department has taken a tremendous step towards the future and showing its commitment to officer development.  Captain Rink Gordon, Captain Brandon Medlin and Captain Chris Simpson have successfully been accepted into the National Fire Academy’s Managing Fire Officer Program.

It’s a multi-year program that introduces emerging emergency services leaders to personal and professional skills in change management, risk reduction, and adaptive leadership.  These Captains had to complete five prerequisite courses in order to apply and then go through a competitive application process.

Now that they have been accepted they must complete four courses on site at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Once they complete the academic portion they will also need to complete a capstone project that applies the concepts that they learned during the program toward a solution to a problem within their community.

Collectively these three Captains have served the City of Kingman for 38 years and currently reside in the City of Kingman.

Two years ago the Kingman Fire Department made Officer Development a high priority for the organization. As a result of this emphasis the department has had 2 Chief Officers accepted into the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program which is the flagship program of the National Fire Academy.

This four year program provides senior fire officers with a broad perspective on various facets of fire and emergency services administration. The courses and accompanying research examine how to exercise leadership when dealing with difficult or unique problems within communities.

In addition, 3 Chief Officers have obtained their professional credential as Chief Fire Officers from The Commission on Professional Credentialing.  This internationally-accepted model recognizes professional accomplishments and competence in fire and emergency services and offers fire and emergency service personnel career guidance and planning.

The Kingman Fire Department is very proud of the accomplishments of all these individuals and their willingness to learn and develop for not only their future success but the success of the organization and the community.  Preparing for the future and development of its members is a strategic vision for the department and these individuals have exemplified these efforts.

These efforts will continue as a foundation for succession planning and continuous improvement for the organization.